[News] CyfrenMu 7.X.X Official (April 5, 2020)">Grand Opening CyfrenMu 7.X.X Official (April 5, 2020) 2020/04/05
[News] CyfrenMu 8.1.0 Origin (May 23, 2020)">Grand Opening CyfrenMu 8.1.0 Origin (May 23, 2020) 2020/05/25
Why is important to check your device when you play taximu or other games? because exist possibility as your device was infected with malware or other virus and you will lost your account. Other type of attacks is web attacks. Here we can talk hours or days and we will not finish the subject. For this the cyber security application come to you with so many posibility to scan your web application or your network or device. For this the online website security tool - cyber security web scanner or simple at the following link you can found everything about security. You just need to insert the website url and the report will finished in just some minutes. If you have a personal website, blog, forum or any else website, we recommend you to use this online security tool. Here you can find some help to solve this kind of issues at the support from the website, or is enough tp have a full scan and there you will have the step by step manul for any issues from there. Issues like Cross Site Scripting or SQL Injection attacks can be solved with this online tool. It is very easy to use and the report is very suggestive. This online security website scanner is in according with some certificates such as ISO27001 an security certificates or GDPR or PCI-DSS. So if you have a webshop or somethig with payment method integrated is mandatory to have an image about your website with this online security tool.

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